It's going to be a great weekend at Camp Barakel, February 15-17, 2019. Here is some useful information as you prepare:

Forms: Please download the Permission and Medical forms. Parent/guardian, please print and return them to Kim Mitchell. Kim has paper copies of the forms if you need them. You cannot travel to Barakel without these completed and handed in.

Leaving: Please arrive at the Cornerstone parking lot at 2:30 pm on Friday. We have 40 people to pack into the vehicles, so your prompt arrival will really help. We're planning to leave at 3:00 pm.

Food: We'll be stopping to eat on the way to camp. Please bring money for food.

Returning: We're planning to be back at the Cornerstone on Sunday at approximately 5:00 pm (depending on weather, road conditions, and what time we leave Camp Barakel).

Packing: Take a look at the packing list below. Kim Mitchell also has packing suggestions for you. Be sure to bring some spending money.