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Prayer Meeting Launch - Success!

Our first weekly prayer meeting was a powerful experience. It just felt right. I "knew" we were doing what the Lord wanted for our church at this time.

We prayed for our neighborhoods and focused on the schools and the first responders. We prayed for our nation and lifted up by name many in political office. We prayed for the Cornerstone.

We used a variety of formats. For instance: We prayed as a whole group. We prayed in clusters of four. We prayed in a circle. We prayed holding hands. We prayed a psalm of praise. No one was obliged to pray out loud. It was a wonderful experience.

There was a joyful, optimistic, friendly atmosphere about the whole meeting. It was well attended and I hope you can join us next Wednesday at 7:00 pm., in the youth room. I'm excited about next week and every week we get to pray together.

Someone said, "The church advances on its knees." True that!

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