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Consider Christian College

My ministry is driven by certain convictions. Near the top of the list is the conviction that an explicitly Christ-exalting, evangelical, Bible-believing, Gospel-oriented, Christian college education is an option every Christian student ought to consider. It may not be for everyone and the Lord does direct some students into other college settings. However, the Christian college is God's will and the best place for some students. My goal is to ensure that students think and pray carefully about the possibility. Here's why:

The mission of the Christian college is to support our students in their Christian faith. Our young adults will receive teaching, meet mentors, and make friends who build-up their faith. Prayer and worship and Bible study are encouraged and facilitated on campus, in classes, on teams and in dorms. There will be challenges to their beliefs - after all, they are there to learn - but no one will be on a mission to destroy their confidence in the Bible and Christ. When they graduate, I want our students to know their faith, to be able to defend their faith, and to live their faith.

The worldview of the Christian college is shaped by the Bible and Christian theology. This is not true in other schools, where many teachers look at life from a secular humanist perspective in which scientific materialism is king. Teachers may be open to share their own personal moral code that may be at odds with everything we’ve taught our kids at home and in church. Professors may advocate social agendas that are radically different than our own. On the other hand, the teacher in the Christian college wants to shape our students’ worldview with information that is in harmony with Scripture even when it is at odds with our secular culture.

Christian schools are academically rigorous. Their students have access to all the same the academic disciplines and course offerings and resources that other colleges offer. From sports management to molecular biology, to computer engineering, there is a Christian college program available. There is no dumbing down. Most professors have PhDs or other terminal degrees and special expertise. Academic standards are high and graduates are well-equipped for employment or graduate education.

Christian schools offer athletic and other extra-curricular opportunities. Students can participate in the full college experience without missing out on anything positive.

Christian colleges provide opportunities for life-shaping spiritual experiences. Chapels and convocations, worship, prayer, anointed preaching as well as mission and mercy experiences all make a way for our students to grow deeper in their knowledge of God and his heart for the world.

As a parent and a pastor I want Christ and his Word to be the basis on which my kids form their own views on the crucial issues of life, such as Jesus, truth, origins, sin, morality, ethics, gender, sexuality, economics, and so on. I've worked hard to help our students know the faith, own the faith, live the faith and defend the faith. I do not want this hard work dismantled by a college professor.

Not every Christian student should take the Christian college path, but every Christian student should give it long, open-minded, and prayerful consideration.

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