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Forward Together

On Sunday, Lord willing, we’ll dive into a new preaching series called Forward Together. We’ll take a close look at six core values that influence every aspect of the Cornerstone Church.

Core values may be more taught than caught. I’m certain that anyone who has been involved with us for even a few months already knows our values. They’ve been lived out for all to see.

So why teach on our core values? Because:

  • They’re inspiring and motivating.

  • They will remind you why you are partnering with the Cornerstone Church.

  • They will unleash in you greater vision, energy and commitment to Christ’s great cause.

  • They will bind us together in our mission.

As a result of the series, I expect that we will move forward together. We will become a stronger and more faithful and more fruitful church. We will work together to make Jesus famous everywhere.

This Sunday, the book table will have a booklet outlining our core values. You can also read about them here.

This Sunday, we will look at core value number one: Commit to Scripture. I’ll show you why we’re a Bible-Believing, Bible-Teaching, and Bible-Living church.

See you Sunday?

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