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Floating on Sunshine?

Fragments of song lyrics rise in my mind all day. A moment ago, this lyric passed by, “I’m floating on sunshine.” I have no idea why. But it got me thinking. I don’t generally float on sunshine. I’m not experiencing euphoria as I write these words. Life is good, but it isn’t all sunshine. We all experiences eclipses of the sun moments. I need something more sustainable.

I prefer to float on God’s promises. The promises are solid and they sustain me no matter what comes along. Take, for example, Psalm 23. That’s my go-to promise - a long and nourishing promise. The shepherd metaphor is easy for me to grasp because I grew up close to sheep and shepherds in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. Sheep need the shepherd even when the sheep don’t know it. That’s the point.

Psalm 23 promises me four “goods” from God:

  • God promises to look after of me. I shall not be in want. I will rest in his love and care.

  • God promises to guide me. In paths of righteousness. I will rest in his restoring grace.

  • God promises to protect me. By a rod and staff. I will rest secure in his strong presence.

  • God promises to bless me. My cup overflows. I will rest in his favor forever.

  • God promises to receive me. In his house forever. I will rest in his keeping love.

Every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, of every decade, from birth to death, the Lord is doing good to me. He will keep me, bless me, love me, and guide me, all the way home. Bless his name forever!

I'm floating on God's promises. They are all perfected in Christ, so I suppose in a way I am floating on SONshine. Ha!

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