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Why Invite, Invite, Invite?

I've been asking you to invite and bring your family and friends to experience the Cornerstone Church this Sunday, October 9. Why invite?

Invite because Cornerstone Sundays are inspiring and energizing and spiritually powerful.

Invite because that's what Jesus-followers do. We are on a search and rescue mission. And Cornerstone Sundays are a great opportunity for people to hear the Good News about Jesus.

Invite because your invitees will be so grateful that you care enough to share your church with them.

Invite because your invitees will hear about Jesus, hear they are loved by God, hear they have a way out of their sin problem and into God's life solution.

Invite because I'm teaching on Compassionate Hearts, our second core value. The CornerstoneChurch has a wonderful track record of humble service here and around the world. People like churches that serve. Near the end of my sermon, I'm planning to say something like this:

"The Cornerstone has always had a compassionate heart. We have always valued service inside and outside the church and in the community and even in other nations. We have built homes and churches. We have offered medical care and worked on hurricane relief teams. We have served in soccer leagues and elementary schools. We have helped street kids and nursing home residents. We love single parents and we adopt orphans. We help the weak, the poor, the vulnerable."

It's "I Love Sundays" Sunday. It's a great day to invite, invite, invite. So you and your guests Sunday at 10:00 am. Remember to wear your special T-Shirts.

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