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Highly Recommended

As 2017 approaches, I'm planning my Bible and devotional reading. There has never been such an abundance of resources and I want to recommend one to you.

I recommend the book, Voices from the Past. This is a dated, daily readings book for each day of the year. Each reading starts with a Bible verse followed by excerpts from the writings of various 17th century preachers. For example, today's reading was taken from the Works of John Owen, who is widely thought to have been the greatest of the Puritan theologians.

Voices from the Past is thought-provoking and encouraging. It is theological and it is practical. The language is updated and I found it easy to read and understand. I've been reading for several days and each day has stirred my soul. Last Sunday, I read a passage from it to the church because of its rich, encouraging, godly insights on Christ, who became one us in order to be our sympathetic high priest.

Highly recommended.

Voices from the Past, edited by Richard Rushing. Published by Banner of Truth Trust, 2009.

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