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Monday Rewind - March 29, 2017

Yesterday, due to a very croaky throat, I shared an abbreviated sermon from Luke 4:42-44. Here are the parts I want to rewind:

When the Lord wanted to discipline Israel for breaking covenant with him, he sent a famine; a famine of hearing the Word of the Lord - Amos 8:11. The Lord Jesus came preaching to mark the end of the discipline - the end of the famine. For the first time in centuries, the Word rang out. He was the promised prophet like Moses (Deuteronomy 18:15ff), sent by God to lead his people our of their bondage to sin and satan. Jesus preached a feast of the Word.

At the Cornerstone, we are enjoying a feast of God's Word. We all have a Bible. There are many ways to hear, read, study, and focus on the Word of God. There is preaching, Bible studies, home groups, videos, podcasts, and so on. Thank God for the feast.

However, many people, even in the Blue Water area, are experiencing a famine of the Word of God. They have never read a Bible. They have never heard Bible-teaching of any kind. They do not know the Good News. Therefore, as Romans 10 implies, we must go to everyone we can, wherever we can, to communicate the Bible message about Jesus Christ. It's not enough that we are saturated with the Word, we must find ways to share the feast with as many as possible. For example, invite friends and family to the Case for Christ sermon series, which starts on Sunday, April 9.


At the Cornerstone, we welcome everyone; whoever you are, wherever you've been, whatever you've done.

Sundays, at 10:00 am.

4025 North Road, Clyde, MI 48049

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