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Monday Rewind

Yesterday, I presented three proofs for the reliability of the New Testament and, in particular, the Gospels. Personally, I find these proofs convincing. Faith isn’t a leap into the dark chasm of doubt. It is trust in the Jesus who really lived, really died, and really rose again. There is ample evidence for Jesus, his life and his work.

Evidence for Jesus is one thing, however. Putting trust in him as God and Savior is another thing entirely. One is empirical and historical. The other is personal and spiritual. And the question is this: even if the evidences and proofs are so overwhelming that there can be no reasonable doubt about who Jesus is and what Jesus did, is that enough to move us to actual faith in him?

Each one of us has to choose the answer to that question. More often than not, resistance to faith has nothing to do with evidence. We stiff arm Jesus because we believe it will cost us friends or family or freedom, or reputation. We should be honest about this.

Faith, when it rises up inside of us, is an irresistible need to turn everything over to Jesus at any cost. It’s a wonderful gift from God. You can ask God for faith. Why not ask for it now?

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