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Who Are We?

Origins: The Cornerstone Church held its first public worship meeting in May 1997, when Pastor Peter gathered with a group of friends at Holland Woods Middle School's gym. Five years later, we moved into our current building on North Road. Find a map here. 

Mission: The Cornerstone exists to help you find and follow Jesus. Discover more about Jesus here.

Affiliation: We belong to an association of 1,600 congregations known as the Evangelical Free Church of America. Explore the Free Church here.

What We Teach:  Explore our statement of faith here.

Small Groups: We aim to be a church of small groups in which everyone feels connected to a circle of supportive friends. Our groups meet at various times and locations during the week. Find out more here.

We're Like: We're a laid back, positive, welcoming, church family. Our people are of all ages and stages, and from all walks of life. There's a place for you.

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