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Jesus is worth exploring. Scroll this page for online videos and books that can help you find and follow Jesus.

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Access the one-page Encounter with Jesus

guide here.



Two Ways to Live

A simple online presentation about Jesus.

Click here.

The Jesus Film

A video presentation of the life of Jesus.

Click here.

The Big Objections

Answers to common objections to Jesus.

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Image by Mahendra Kumar


More Than a Carpenter

Josh McDowell's classic introduction to Jesus.

Click here.

The Jesus I Never Knew

Philip Yancey's very readable work has sold a million copies.

Click here.

A Doubter's Guide to Jesus

John Dickson explores the roles, titles, and identity of Jesus of Nazareth. Very highly recommended.

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The Problem of Jesus

Mark Clark's lively book presents a clear profile of Jesus.

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