We're here to help you find and follow Jesus. He's famous and controversial, and we expect people to have questions and objections. We included this page to start the conversation. As a first step to understanding Jesus, check out the short embedded videos. If you're looking for more depth, check out the suggested resources. More questions? Interested in exploring more about Jesus? Contact us here.


Suggested resources


Peace with God: A simple presentation of the good news ABOUT Jesus. Click here.


More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell. Available for purchase here. Former skeptic Josh McDowell is now joined by his son Sean as they examine the evidence about Jesus. Is he really the Lord he claimed to be?

Jesus Up Close by Chip Heitzig. Available for purchase here. Chip leads Calvary Church in Albuquerque, NM. Each chapter highlights a facet of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Written in a personal, easy-to-read style.


Simply Jesus by N. T. Wright. Available for purchase here. Wright summarizes a lifetime of study of Jesus and the New Testament in order to present for a general audience who Jesus was and is. In Simply Jesus, we are invited to hear one of our leading scholars introduce the story of the carpenter’s son from Nazareth as if we were hearing it for the first time.


The Jesus Film presents the life and ministry of Jesus from his birth to the cross and resurrection. Watch the Jesus Film here.


The Big Objections. Kings Church in Eastbourne, England, produced a series of videos addressing objections to the Christian faith. These are raw and honest and well worth watching here.

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